Jenny says...

I love blogging. I have been writing my blog at since the summer of 2000 and I even blog for a living. Aaron is so funny, I am always trying to get him to blog too and this seemed like a good plan.

When I'm not blogging I like photography, experimental cooking & baking, crafting, pug watching, cat scratching, travel and funny movies.

Aaron says...

I've had blogs in the past but I am very excited to be writing this with my little buddy.  I also love social media and do a bit of it for a living along with being an SEO/SEM.

I own two vehicles that are both shorter than me when I lay down beside them - they are a Smart Car and a scooter - and I love them both.  I enjoy shooting sporting clays, woodworking, camping, hunting, knife collecting, trying my hand a cooking, gardening, and the occasional golf game.  I like to keep the good times rollin’ and enjoy laughing like a maniac.

About Us...

We live in Rochester, NY... in a 1900 Dutch Colonial we just moved into with a dog named Oscar and a cat named Stewie. We haven't unpacked all the boxes yet, but we have all the paint colors picked out. We are waiting for the cat and dog to pitch in a little and do some unpacking.

We love living in the city and it works for us.  We love eating at our favorite restaurants,  going to the movies, seeing exhibits at museums, and attending all the festivals that Rochester has to offer.

A big part of our life is traveling - whether its to Toronto for the Toronto International Film Festival, or to Spragues Maple Farm for Maple Weekend - we enjoy making the most of where we live.

Something that we both love is geeking out on technology, whether its new web applications, cool gadgets, or sci-fi movies.  We haven't determined who the geekiest is between us...but we've got plenty o' time to figure that out.

We've started this blog to share all of our thoughts on recipes, restaurants, music, movies, books, travel spots, products and eventually home improvement projects.  The fun thing about it is we write our posts at the same time so that we don't influence each others writing.  Its interesting to see what comes of that and we hope you'll enjoy it too!