Saturday, May 1, 2010

She says... I love our new mailbox

When we moved into the new house I thought the mailbox was really cute, but not functional. I have a little bit of mailbox paranoia. I can imagine all kinds of way my mail could get lost... blowing away, being snatched, etc. This mailbox definitely wasn't going to cut the mustard. 

Aaron spotted this mailbox at Home Depot for half off. Someone had already bought it, put it together and brought it back because they didn't have anywhere to bolt it down. I thought it looked like overkill at first but he talked me into it and I'm so glad. 

It looks really cute next to the house and I love the security! The front has a slot for the mail carrier to drop stuff in and we use a key to get it out. I can rest easy now that our mail is safe. 


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