Saturday, May 1, 2010

He Says...Who knew a mailbox could be kewl

I enjoy getting mail...but never thought of it as "kewl".  That was until we got this!  Prior to getting this we had a normy mailbox. We'd been lookin around for one like this but normally you'd have to give an arm and a leg for one of these babies, and I am rather fond of grabbing stuff and walking so that simply wasn't an option.

It just so happened that we were in Home Depot and spotted this baby with a 1/2 off sign!  I went to check it out and asked one of the sales associates what was the cause for the low price?  Was it hot?  Was it broken?  Missing pieces?  What?!  Turns out that it was none of the above.  A lady and her husband had bought it, put it together and brought it home.  Once home they couldn't figure out how to secure it - so they brought it back for a refund.  Welp, their misfortune turned out to be our gain.  Not only did we get it for 50% off but I was able to use my 10% military discount too!

As you can see the styling of this thing is pretty sweet, but the functionality is what I love.  This thing not only stores more mail than your standard box but also keeps it secure.  This is great for J and I as we are always out and about.  Now we don't have to worry about the mail getting stolen.

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