Saturday, April 3, 2010

She says... Shiny Toy Guns is my fav new band

Aaron is the one that first noticed Shiny Toy Guns. We were at a concert a year ago to see All American Rejects and Shiny Toy Guns was an opening act. Sometimes it takes a few listens before I catch onto a new band. Aaron liked them right away and was downloading songs.

I heard a song on a Lincoln commercial I really liked and when I looked it up it was Shiny Toy Guns.  Major Tom is my all time favorite Shiny Toy Guns song.

Everytime I heard them after that I liked them more and more. I really like how Chad Petree and Sisely Treasure's voices (cool name) work together. Sisely just kicks butt period.

When we were in Stratton, VT for the Burton US Open we could hardly believe it when we found out Shiny Toy Guns was playing a concert there. Check out Sisley's rainbow hair and sparkle tights. Awesome.

It was one of the best concerts I have ever been to because I was in the front row. They played all my favorite songs.

Here is my current favorite song - You Are the One.

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