Tuesday, April 20, 2010

She says... he gets carried away with a saw & an axe

Aaron hates bushes and shrubs. That's all there is to say. I discovered this with our first house. There used to be nice shrubbery in front of the sunroom. It was a bit messy at first but after some trimming, it was just typical greenery. Aaron hated it with a passion. He tore a big shrub out of the backyard and put a little fence up to hide the garbage bins and I think that started a trend. 

I came home from a Storytelling Conference to find that the bushes that were once in front of the house (photo above) were suddenly gone (photo below).

Granted he planted some really cute flowers there instead, so I couldn't say much. 

That was his plan. Divert her attention with pretty flowers and she won't notice. 

But it's hard to miss a pile of green carcasses out on the curb. 

Now we are in a new house and there are shrubs galore. Or shall I say there were. My parents got Aaron a chainsaw for Easter and now the yard looks like this. 

Am I happy about chopping down every living thing in the yard? Not completely. But Aaron has a vision and as long as he promises a plan with new plantings that is our compromise. 

Phase one of Operation Yard Improvement clearly is one of cutting down and clearing out. Stay tuned for phase two which is plotting and planting. 


  1. Boy. This looks terrible. As an apartment dweller who saw 25 trees at my apartment complex taken to the chainsaw (some of them more than 100 years old) for no reason other than "improved landscaping", this sight makes me really sad for the trees, sad for our planet that is seeing too much destruction as it is. Poor role model, Aaron! Booooooo!!! I have to say I am team Jenny on this one, for certain.

  2. Interesting photos with the people in them. In the first batch of Before and After photos, posted by that a little kid in the third photo? Please tell me there's a kid in the door, and not a ghost, a la Three Men and a Baby.

  3. Jennifer - at least it's not 100% destruction, he does replant. Aaron planted a ton of stuff at our old house. We definitely left it with more plantings than it had when we arrived.

    Linda - ack! It could be me! I hope it's me!

  4. Jenny, I think Linda is seeing a ghost, the little white cutout ghost you have stuck to the screen door?