Saturday, April 24, 2010

He Says...keepin it Green at Starbucks

If I could put a restaurant in my basement it would be Starbucks!  I love the place, and to be able to roll outta bed and get a hot cup of fresh coffee would be saaweeet.  Unfortunately the company doesn't currently offer the basement franchise plan so until that happens Jenny and I will continue to go there...A LOT.  Seeing that we go so often and because we try and be environmentally conscious, I have decided to get a very large mug so that I can drink my weeks worth of coffee and only have to wash the huge mug once.  Kidding.  We do have ceramic cups we keep in the smart car so we can have them when the Starbucks mood strikes.

We have found that Starbucks, or Buck Bucks as I like to say, has some very cool reusable options for their hot and cold beverages.  One I really like that we got last summer are our reusable cold bev cups - they actually look like the regular cups you get but they are double walled so they don't do that annoying "sweating" that most cups do in the summer. Combine that great engineering with a cool lookin cup and you got me hooked.  I also love that we were able to get cups that are proportional to us..I am huge.

This winter Starbucks came out with some cool reusable thermosy type mugs that also came in the appropriate size for each of us.  What I like about the cup is that the top is easy to open and unlike some travel mugs, doesn't hold the coffee in the lip of the cup and then spill on ya on your way to a meeting.  Thanks Starbucks for thinking of pants and shirts thank you too.

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