Tuesday, April 20, 2010

He Says...Chainsaw + Ooglay shrubs = GOOD TIME

I have always wanted my own chainsaw.  Not that I want to go around hackin up fools like you see in the movies, or do I want to be a lumberjack - I just like it as a great and very useful tool.  Well, the Easter bunny was very gewd to me this Easter!  I got the chainsaw above in my basket this year and I was sooo excited to fire it up and start hacking away at what ever I could.

One thing to note is that I do not like huge unruly bushes next to houses.  Never have.  First house we had, Jenny went away for a weekend and 'ZIP' bushes were out and new nicer looking plants were in their place.




Pair my disdain for ugly bushes together with the ownership of this new beautiful piece of engineering genius and you get my latest project on the house.  I like to refer to it as "DEATH TO BUSHES".  When we moved into the house it made me tick to see all the bushes smooshed up against the house  just hangin' out all over with no shape, no symmetry, no redeeming value - plus there were some in very random places - 1 standing off to the side of the porch, 1 standing off the side of the garage - what is that about?


Welp, seeing that we moved in right before winter hit, I was unable to get out there and lay down my wrath on the bushes...that was until last week when the weather warmed.  Again Jenny was away for business and it was just me against the bushes. I am pleased to say that I won.  Something so satisfying to taking something you don't like and making a new clear palette full of possibility. 

Post DEATH - Cleaned up and ready for new 'us' landscaping

It's not all about rage filled chainsaw wielding fury - I love making the house 'ours'.  The bushes that were there were NOT 'us' and so therefore they had to go.  I am excited to start to make changes the yard and landscape that reflects what my little buddy and I love, and now that the 'ooglay' is gone we can begin.

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