Saturday, March 27, 2010

She says... Crepes a Go Go is one of my fav spots in Toronto

We have been going to Toronto for while now, mostly for the Toronto Film Festival every September. Once of the best things we have discovered in Toronto and gone back to again and again is a small cafe called Crepes a Go Go. It is a charming little spot run by a woman who moved from Paris to Toronto as a cinematographer and ended up doing this instead. She is usually there dashing around and casting her eye over every detail. She delivers your crepes right into to your hands at which point she carefully tears back the paper and wishes you Bon App├ętit!

As you can see we really do go back year after year. I love the savory crepes and the sweet crepes. My favorites are the Parisienne with scrambled egg, swiss, mushrooms, red onion and dill and one they don't have on their online menu which is orange marmalade and dark chocolate. The crepe with good ol' maple syrup is delicious also.

If you want a restaurant where you can have a mouthwatering crepe and be fussed over this is the place.

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