Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Jenny Says... now my teeth can rest easy with Zapi Ya Ya

I started seeing these Violight Toothbrush Sanitizers awhile ago. They really caught my attention when they started making these egg shaped versions. What can I say? I'm a sucker for cute design.

I don't know how much of a risk toothbrush bacteria really is. I mean I haven't sanitized my toothbrush since I've been brushing my teeth but I seem to have made it through ok. But once you start thinking about it, you start to get visions of crazy germs all over your toothbrush. 

The only thing holding me back was the prize of these babies. $30 to $35 seemed a bit much. Woot to the rescue! Woot Kids more specifically. They had Zapi Ya Ya for $15! Love Woot!

So I ordered one and Aaron got one too. I'm curious to read what Aaron posts... I know he got a kick out of the particular Zapi he got... but was he being kept awake at night, fearful of bacteria running amok on his toothbrush? I think not. 

Was I suckered by bacteria paranoia? Possibly. Was I blinded by a cute contraption to hold my toothbrush? Definitely. 


  1. I am a TOTAL germaphobe and have been looking at these but wondering if the blue light will kill me before the bacteria does...

  2. We had the ones that came out about 2 years ago. They were just a rectangle case, so wouldn't fit all toothbrushes. These are adorable.

  3. We always sterilized our toothbrushes with boiling water but I am intrigued by the se types of things. I am not sure we have the space for them though.