Monday, March 8, 2010

He Says...Destination Hollywood

One of the things Jenny and I love to do is to travel. A great spot is Los Angeles - plenty of great places to eat, things to do and see.

A few places I would recommend while in LA are Jamba Juice, In N Out, and Baja Fresh. Of those three, In N Out is my favorite as I love the double double with cheese and the fries are phenomenal.

Another great thing is the beach - sure there are all the great shops at Rodeo Drive and on the strip, but there is nothing like 'hangin' at the beach. The pics above are Jenny and I showing our skillz...I had just done an iron cross right before this picture but we forgot to snap a pic.

If the beach isn't your thang, you might not know it but the bustling city of LA is actually situated on and around the mountains, so there are some great hiking trails that you can go on. From these trails - as you can see- are some great views. So there you have insiders guide to some cool stuff to do in Los Angeles.

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