Saturday, March 27, 2010

He Says...Crepes a Go Go is Crepetastic

If you go to Toronto and lookin for a good spot to eat for breakfast or you just got the munchies - you gotta go to Crepes a Go Go.  The food here is amazing!  They have the best hot dogs in all of Toronto!  Just kidding...they do in fact make and sell delicious crepes.

Who knew that a thin pancakey food could be sooo good.  I think the great thing about this place is the variety, sweet or savory, they gotcha covered.  Plus the location is great - right on Yorkville and you have the option, if the weather is nice, to sit outside and enjoy the views.

One of my favorites sweet crepes is the Big Ben Brie - brie cheese and fresh raspberry jam - delicious and pure genius.

Check out all the different kinds o crepes!!
For a savory crepe I'd recommend either the Cote d'Azur or a Popeye.  Both of them cheesy and delicious!  To wash it all down, they also produce their own drink they call Limonana.  Its a lemonade with mint infused into it.  It might look a little weird at first because of the little pieces of fresh mint in it but trust me - its gewd!

While you're there you've gotta talk to the owner - super nice and very interesting story.  Before opening the restaurant she was a cinematographer  She decided to take the passion she had for making great movies into making amazing crepes!  You gotta check it out - we've been going since we found it in 2005.  Just look at how excited I looked!

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