Wednesday, March 3, 2010

He Says...500 Days even a dude can enjoy

Is this a "chick flick"? Honest answer - kinda. I think this has plenty for everyone though. The writing is good and there is enough comedy in this so that its not all romance - so if you don't like "romance" flicks, you will be fine. This is a good film.

Sometimes in movies like this its the standard "hey I am a square guy but whoa you are a crazy girl that doesn't live by the rules so how can this ever work?!" but not with this. I think both characters in this film are pretty evenly matched. They are also believable which for me is a good thing because otherwise I get distracted by it and in the back of my head I'm constantly thinkin "oh cmon".

Below is my favorite scene. This is him coming out of his apartment the morning after he and Summer "seal the ol' deal" - Hilarious

This is one of those movies that bounces around a lot from different points in time, but unlike Memento it doesn't leave you sayin "Heh?!". This movie also brings in some artistic feeling without being to crazy and annoying. My favorite instance of this is after he is let down by Summer and it goes from film to black and white animation.

I would definitely recommend checking this movie out!

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