Friday, February 5, 2010

She says... Sunrise Steakhouse & Grill was good, but their salad dressing is GREAT!

There used to be a Hooters in Henrietta. Then it was a Cheerleaders USA. Now instead of girls in shorts carrying wings, you will find the Sunrise Steakhouse & Grill. I was interested in stopping because the sign said "Korean BBQ". I am half Korean and I love Korean food. Well I love my mom's Korean food and I'm always trying to find something close to it.

Once we got inside the menu appeared to be more Japanese. They have large tables where the chefs "perform" and cook your meal. Chop Chop Fire Fire as I affectionately call it.

We preferred to sit at a smaller table with a hibachi. You can get shabu shabu where you cook your food in a pot of hot broth or you can grill your meat and veggies on the hibachi. We went with the steak and veggies. The steak was a little bland until we got the dipping sauce and I would have liked more veggies, but it was pretty good. Sometimes I think it's weird to go out and pay for food that you have to cook yourself, but really there is something about it that is so much fun.

The best part was the salad dressing. Yes the salad dressing. The meal started with a bowl of miso soup and small salad. The house salad dressing was so good I almost licked the bowl. It is a sweet dressing with a hint of garlic. (Ok maybe more than a hint, it hits you after you are done eating.) I loved it so much I asked if you could buy it and you can! You can buy it by the pint or the quart. I bought a pint that night and went back later for a quart.

I think the big chef tables would be fun for a big group but for now - all I can think of when I see Sunrise is SALAD DRESSING!


  1. We just drove by here last Saturday night and I said, "The cheerleaders are gone!!!" I would like to try it out, but if I walked into a place to eat and saw you two sitting there I would probably get all giggly and ask for an autograph....

  2. LisaPrit - You should totally say hi if you see me! I have had people that read my blog say hi when I'm out and about!