Monday, February 1, 2010

She says... I love our juicer

Aaron has wanted a juicer for years. When we started our detox there were a lot of juice recipes on the plan. Seemed like the time to get a juicer had finally come.

I thought we would have to pay a couple hundred dollars to get a good juicer, but we found the Waring Professional Juice Extractor at Target for $60 and it came with a $10 Target gift card. It had good reviews so we went with it.

I have to admit. Aaron is the juicer. He is the juice master. I haven't run it once since we got it. I think he really enjoys annihilating vegetables and fruits.

I haven't used it but it appears to work well. It works through a carrot like nobody's business. I never looked at broccoli and though "Ooooh look at that juicy piece of broccoli" but by George that juicer gets juice out of broccoli!

So I think the juice works great cause I am getting tasty concoctions like carrot, beet and apple juice!

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