Friday, February 12, 2010

She says... I could listen to Relator over and over again.

For some reason I can't get past the idea that an actor can also sing. Which doesn't make sense, I know. I was so surprised when I first heard Scarlett Johansson sing. But she sure can sing and I love her with Pete Yorn. They go well together and their album Break Up is a moody toe-tapper. There aren't many albums where I like every song on the playlist, but this is one of them.

Not only do I like the music, but I like the mood they have created around the album. This hint of a story - were they "together" and they broke up?... the Relator video, the photos all point to it. When an album can create this ambience, well that is pretty cool.

Oh and how great does Scarlett look as a brunette?


  1. Guilty admission - the first album I heard Scarlett sing on (The Tom Waits cover album) was a total turn off. No idea why, but I was all sorts of not into it.

    But... yeah, I'm digging this Pete Yorn + Scarlette combo in a major-major way. Maybe it's the brunette action that's swayed my eardrums :)

  2. I like them as well. And Him and Her also.

  3. happykatie - I didn't like the Tom Waits album as much as this one either.

  4. foodiechickie - do you mean She and Him? They just released a new song - "In the Sun"!

  5. She and Him