Monday, February 1, 2010

He Says...This juicer kicks grass

Ok, haven't actually tried juicing wheat grass YET, I just couldn't resist saying that. I thought about getting a more expensive model like the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer but I liked the price and the look of the Waring - kinda has that retro thing going for it.

The thing I like about it is that there are few moving parts so it makes for easy clean up...those fruits make a mess when they meet their maker! It also only has one switch - 'on/off'. It's had plenty of power for everything I've thrown at it so far. This is a good thing for me - seeing that I have somebody that really likes her juice!

What could make this thing better? If this juicer had a larger chute it would be nice as you do have to chop your fruits a few times. That is the only drawback to this...honestly a small price to pay for this machine. Plus you don't have to look at the box with LaLanne and his creepy eyebrows laughing at how much you paid for his machine


  1. I was wondering if the juice comes out frothy/foamy with this juicer? I have a Breville and am surprised by how much froth is created.

  2. Linda - yep this makes the frothy drinks. The Breville and this model are centrifugal juicers...they spin the juice out and therefore make the foam on top. There is another kind called a masticating juicer that uses gears to crush the fruits into juice. I believe the masticating don't foam your drinks like a barista at Bucks ;) (ok, I will now get off my juicer nerdling soapbox)

  3. Oh yeah there is froth. This morning I had to change my shirt because the froth made me dribble apple strawberry juice all over myself.